Dr Agnes Tey Siew Ling

Dr Agnes Siew Ling Tey is a Senior Clinical Scientist at the Nutrition Research & Development Center for Asia Pacific in Abbott. Her research focuses on innovative dietary approaches for the prevention and management of malnutrition, cardiometabolic diseases, and obesity.

Dr Agnes currently provides overall scientific leadership in her roles as the Study Chair and Lead Scientist for the Strengthening Health In ELDerly through nutrition (SHIELD) study. Her extensive experience in nutrition research includes clinical studies for diverse populations and areas of investigation such as malnutrition in the elderly, diabetes and cardiometabolic risk.

Prior to Abbott, Agnes was a Research Fellow with the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre at the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

Dr Agnes has contributed to 40 publications, including international peer-reviewed journals and an evidence-based position statement for the National Heart Foundation of New Zealand, and is a guest editor and reviewer for several scientific journals.

Dr Agnes completed her PhD in Human Nutrition and conducted her postdoctoral research at the University of Otago, New Zealand, where she also received her Master’s in Human Nutrition with distinction.

Prof Dr Alexander Loch

Prof Dr Alexander Loch is a consultant cardiologist at University Malaya Medical Centre. He obtained his medical degree from Schiller University, Germany in 2001.

Prof Dr Loch has extensive clinical experience in Internal medicine, Emergency medicine and Cardiology. He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP UK) and the College of Emergency Medicine (MRCEM UK). He was appointed Fellow of the National Heart Association of Malaysia and the European Society of Cardiology.

Prof Dr Loch serves as an Associate Professor at the University of Malaya and was instrumental in developing the Masters Program in Emergency Medicine. He is in charge of the heart failure services at University of Malaya Medical Centre. He has carried out various research projects in cardiology and emergency medicine which have been published in international peer-reviewed journals.

Dr Andy Quah Jing Yao

Dr Quah Jing Yao is from Kuala Lumpur.

He graduated from Queen Mary University of London in 2009 (MBBS), and became physician in 2016 (MRCP UK).

Currently he is a geriatrician, working in Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

A. Prof Dr Asrenee Ab Razak

Associate Prof Dr Asrenee Ab Razak is a senior lecturer and consultant psychiatrist in Universiti Sains Malaysia. She received her Medical Doctor degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 1997 and followed by Master in Medicine (Psychiatry) from same university in 2005. In 2015, she completed her PhD in Social Psychiatry from Monash University, Australia.

Dr Asrenee is currently the Deputy Chairman, Brain and Behaviour Cluster, School of Medical Sciences USM and coordinator for Psychological First Aid team for COVID19 in Hospital USM. Her main work is on aged psychiatry with special interest in social and women mental health. She has secured grants and published manuscripts in these subjects.

She is also active in non-governmental organization (NGOs), currently as the Vice President of Persatuan Terapi Psikospiritual Malaysia, advisor for Persatuan Perubatan Psikologi Kelantan and has initiated Kelantan’s Carer Support Group for Dementia.

Dr Cheah Wee Kooi


Dr Cheah graduated with a medical degree from University of Malaya in 2003 and completed his post-graduate training in the Royal College of Physicians (UK) in 2006. He followed this with a fellowship in Geriatric Medicine from Tan Tock Seng Hospital in 2011.

Dr Cheah worked extensively in the emergency and medical department of Taiping Hospital from 2003 to 2009, where he began to focus on geriatric medicine. Subsequently, Dr Cheah became consultant physician and geriatrician at the medical department, Taiping Hospital. He has investigated in multiple clinical trials and has been published in dozens of journal articles, focusing on geriatric medicine.

Prof Chen Liang-Kung


Professor, Aging and Health Research Center, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Superintendent, Taipei Municipal Gan-Dau Hospital

Prof Chen attended the National Yang-Ming University School of Medicine from 1989 to 1996, gaining his MD, and becoming the PhD of the Institute of Health Welfare and Policy, National Yang-Ming University to extend his research from biomedical domain to aging and public policy. He started his residency in orthopedic surgery in 1996, and from 1998 to 2003, his residency in family medicine at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and became an attending physician of the Department of Family Medicine in 2003. In 2003, Prof Chen became of Director in Community Medicine and Geriatric Medicine of Taipei Municipal Yang-Ming Hospital. In 2005, he was invited to the University of Oxford as a Visiting Scholar in Department of Clinical Gerontology. Prof Chen became the Director of Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital in 2006, the Director of Aging and Health Research Center of National Yang Ming University in 2014 and the Superintendent of Taipei Municipal Gan-Dau Hospital (Managed by Taipei Veterans General Hospital) in 2021.

In 2002, Prof Chen became the lecturer in Family Medicine at the National Yang-Ming University, obtained his associate professorship in 2010, and became full professorship in 2014 in Geriatric Medicine. Prof Chen is the key opinion leader in age-friendly healthcare services, including integrated outpatient services, post-acute care. and long-term care. Moreover, Prof Chen extended his research from clinical science to aging science and use of machine learning for healthy aging.

Prof Chen is the editors and editorial board members of several local and international journals. He has published over 350 peer-reviewed articles in the geriatrics and gerontology, including a series of articles in leading journals in the world. Dr. Chen’s research work is focused in several domains: (1) frailty and sarcopenia, (2) insulin resistance and metabolic resistance of the older people, and (3) age-friendly healthcare systems, including long-term care and dementia care. Prof Chen is heavily involved in international collaboration for research and healthcare reforms for older people and he is now leading several working groups for research of older people, such as Asian Working Group for Sarcopenia, Asian Working Group for Cachexia, and ICFSR Consensus Group for Frailty, Physical Activities and others. Currently, Prof Chen is the chief editor of Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics (SCI), Aging Medicine and Healthcare (ESCI), associate editor of Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle (SCI), BMC Geriatrics (SCI), Journal of Frailty and Aging (ESCI), and others.

Prof Dr Chin Ai-Vyrn

Diploma in Management for Medical Doctors (NUI)
Doctorate in Medicine (Trinity College, Dublin)
FRCP (Edinburgh)

Dr Chin Ai-Vyrn is a Senior Consultant Geriatrician, Professor in Geriatric Medicine and current Head of Geriatric Medicine at University Malaya. He was the lead Clinical Research Fellow at Mercer’s Institute for Research in Ageing, St. James’s Hospital and Lecturer in Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine, Trinity College, Dublin prior to returning to Malaysia. He has a Doctorate in Medicine based on clinical research in Dementia, is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh and a founder member of the Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine as well as the Aging and Age Associated Disorders Research group in University Malaya.

He is committed to the development of Geriatric Medicine in Malaysia and aside from clinical work, is heavily involved in undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as research in different aspects of Geriatric care. He is particularly interested in cognitive impairment and neurodegenerative diseases in the elderly and some of his current research focuses on genetic and vascular risks that underlie cognitive and behavioral symptoms in people with dementia.

A. Prof Dr Devinder Kaur Ajit Singh

Associate Professor Dr Devinder Kaur Ajit Singh is a senior lecturer at Physiotherapy Programme and Chair of the Center for Healthy Ageing and Wellness, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Prior to joining UKM in 2005, she was a practicing physiotherapist with Ministry of Health, Malaysia for 16 years. She graduated from University of Brighton, United Kingdom with a PhD in 2009. Her primary research niche area is in Geriatric physiotherapy, Spine and ageing and analysis of function. She has researched extensively into falls risk assessment in older persons and is a leader in geriatric physiotherapy research in Malaysia. Her main current ongoing projects include falls, cognitive frailty, and mobility among older persons. Her research has produced several publications in highly rated journals.

Dr Edward Chong

Consultant, Department of Geriatric Medicine, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Head, Geriatric Medicine Continence Service
Programme Lead, Emergency Department Interventions for Frailty (EDIFY)

Dr Edward Chong is a Consultant for the Department of Geriatric Medicine, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH). He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, in 2008. He has also successfully obtained certification in MRCP (UK) in 2012 and the Geriatric Medicine Specialty Certificate Examination in 2015. His clinical and research interests include continence care in older persons, frailty, and front-door geriatric care. He is currently the programme lead of the front door geriatric service in TTSH, also known as the Emergency Department Interventions for Frailty (EDIFY) and a board member of the Society for Continence (Singapore).

Dr Elizabeth Chong

Dr Elizabeth Chong is a Consultant Geriatrician at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.  She is also Chairperson for Falls Intervention Team, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, since 2015; Privileged for Fall Trainer and Management, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, since 2019.  Since 2018, she is the Team Leader for Falls Prevention: Malaysian Patient Safety Goal MOH, and Change Agent in Clinical Expert Cascade: Asia Pacific Bone Academy.

Dr Chong established the first inpatient hospital falls service and primary care falls service in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.  She also established the first Orthogeriatric Service in the Ministry of Health Malaysia certified by the International Osteoporosis Foundation.  Dr Chong is the Treasurer of Fragility Fracture Network Malaysia.

Dr Chong was the coordinator for Falls Guideline for the Hospitalized Older Persons 2018, and Hip Fracture pathway in Hospital Kuala Lumpur 2019.  In 2020, she contributed to Position Statement  - Falls and Fragility Fracture.  Recently, in 2021, she contributed to CPG - Hip fracture Pathway in Malaysia and CPG - Osteoporosis.

Dr Chong is a lecturer at Perdana RCSI Medical School and University Putra Malaysia. Lastly, she is a researcher with publication in Falls and Orthogeriatrics.

Dr Gordon Pang Hwa Mang

Dr Gordon Pang Hwa Mang is from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.  He graduated from International Medical University in 2009 (MBBS) and became physician in 2016 (MRCP UK).  He is currently a final year clinical fellow in Geriatric Medicine, working in Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Dr Hadijah Mohd Taib

Dr Hadijah Mohd Taib born Mei 02, 1976, Pahang Malaysia Earned first degree in Pharmacy at University Sains Malaysia in 2000 and advanced degree Master in Clinical Pharmacy at UKM in 2007 then pursue her PhD in Geriatric Pharmacy area in University of Cyberjaya 2019.

She being involved with the Geriatric Care in KKM since 2005 during working at Hospital Kuala Lumpur until 2020. Currently she hold the position as Head Of Pharmacy Department in Hospital Rehabilitation Cheras and Chairman of Geriatric pharmacy Clinical Working Committee in KKM.

Dr Hannah Seymour

Dr Hannah Seymour is a Consultant Geriatrician at the Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospitals Group. Dr Hannah has worked in Acute Orthogeriatrics at Fiona Stanley Hospital since 2015 where she shares the care of older people with orthopaedic surgeons.  Dr Hannah is passionate about using data to improve the care of older people with fractures across the world by working on the Steering Committee of the ANZ Hip Fracture Registry and as President Elect of the Fragility Fracture Network. She has presented internationally on the care of older people with fractures.

Dr Hannah has held a number of leadership positions in Western Australia including the Falls and Aged Care Lead in the Department of Health, Leadership of the Four Hour Rule Program at Royal Perth Hospital and Clinical Commissioning Lead and Medical Director at Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospitals Group. Recently she was Clinical Nominee on the Sustainable Health Review which was published in April 2019. Dr Hannah is also the current Medical lead of the Electronic Medical record Program in WA to ensure she doesn't get bored!

Dr Harnek Singh Badeshae

MBChB (Sheffield) MRCP (UK) Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine (MOH)

Dr Harnek Singh Badeshae is currently a Geriatrician at Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor. He received his undergraduate medical training at University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. After passing his MRCP, he obtained his fellowship in geriatric medicine from the ministry of health Malaysia in 2020. During his geriatric subspeciality training, he took a keen interest in research and presented at national geriatric conferences. Currently, he is actively involved in research for the elderly in the state of Johor. His current administrative roles include training candidates for postgraduate geriatric diploma and developing geriatric medicine services in Johor.

Dr Kejal Hasmukharay

Dr Kejal Hasmukharay is a geriatric fellow at the University Malaya Medical Centre(UMMC). She graduated from the prestigious Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya and was selected for the Bright Sparks scholarship to pursue Internal Medicine in her alma mater. She then sub-specialised in Geriatric Medicine. Her special interests include in understanding immuno-senescence, infections in older persons as well as identifying pre-frail states in older persons. She is a great advocate of preventive medicine and is passionate on empowering older persons to embrace active and healthy ageing. She has also been awarded the CHIMERA fellowship to be trained in implementational science. She is a member of the Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine She has had contributed in the development of interim recommendations for the aged care facilities as well as an online infection control training programme for aged cares in Malaysia.

A. Prof Dr Khadijah Alavi

A. Prof Dr Khadijah Alavi is Associate Professor at the Psychology and Human Wellbeing research center, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Her expertise in social anthropology, gerontological social work, family & community development and technical education & vocational training. She has been working in the field of gerontology by almost two decade. With a deep understanding on elderly population in Malaysia, her contribution in the present research is valuable. She is an award-winning presenter in many academic exhibitions. Her experience with elderly people enables us to understand ways to approach the targeted subjects and increase our success rate of recruiting the right people. She published two books named gerontological social in the elderly care for the new millennium in year 2020 and dilemma in elderly care in year 2012. These books can be a good reference for the present study by understanding elderly care.

Dr Khor Hui Min


Dr Khor Hui Min is a consultant geriatrician and senior lecturer in University of Malaya, Malaysia. She received her medical degree from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2005 and became a member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) since 2009.

Dr Khor has special interests in orthogeriatric care, osteoporosis, dementia, frailty, pressure ulcer care and malnutrition in the older person. She is currently the secretary of the Fragility Fracture Network of Malaysia (FFNM). She has presented many of her research findings both locally and abroad as part of the Ageing and Age-Associated Disorders Research Group.

Ms Lee Ai Ling

Ms Lee Ai Ling acquired her Bachelors of Pharmacy Degree from UniSA in 2010 and she has been working in the Ministry of Health since 2011 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL)

During her initial years in HKL, she cultivated a strong passion in the field of geriatrics and she was actively involved in the Daycare-Memory Geriatric Clinic, the Geriatrics Medication Adherence Clinic (GMTAC) and Home Medication Review with the Geriatrics Unit Home Visit Team.

In 2018, she left HKL to establish her own Independent Pharmacy (PJ Care Pharmacy) which focuses on serving the local nursing homes. In 2019, she decided to challenge herself by setting up a specialised elderly care centre (PJ Care Centre) with a philosophy that she always carry herself with: “To serve with care, dignity and love”

Dato' Dr Lee Joon Kiong

MBBS (Mal.), FRCS (Edin.), MS ORTHO (Mal.), AM (Mal.), CCD (ISCD)

Deputy Medical Director, Head, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Beacon Hospital, Malaysia

Dato’ Dr. Joon-Kiong Lee is the Deputy Medical Director,  Head of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon at Beacon Hospital, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, where he also acts as Chief Coordinator and Leader for its Fracture Liaison Service (FLS).   He also practices at the Advanced Neuroscience and Orthopaedic Centre (ANOC), Kuala Lumpur.

Dato’ Dr. Lee is the Immediate Past President, Board Member and Executive Committee Member of ISCD (International Society for Clinical Densitometry) and Past Chair of the ISCD Asia Pacific Regional Panel.  He received the ISCD Dr. Paul D. Miller Service Award in 2018.

Dato’ Dr Lee is current President of the Association of Fragility Fracture Network of Malaysia (FFNM).  Dato’ Dr. Lee is also the Chief Coordinator of the National Fracture Liaison Service Framework Project under the Fragility Fracture Network of Malaysia.

Dato’ Dr. Lee is the current Chair of the Asia Pacific-South Africa Regional Advisory Council (RAC) of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF).  He received the 2020 IOF President’s Award.  He is also the Coordinator for the Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association (APOA) – International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) Orthopaedic Initiative Program. He also acts as Coordinator for the IOF-ISCD-AFOS (Asian Federation of Osteoporosis Societies) Tripartite Regional Alliance, and is author of the IOF Asian Audit (Malaysian Chapter) 2009 and Asia Pacific Audit (Malaysian Chapter) 2013.

Dato’ Dr Lee is the Co-Chair of the Asia Pacific Fragility Fracture Alliance (APFFA), an umbrella organization consists of seven regional (APOA, AFOS, APGMN & APOPRM) and global organizations (IOF, ISCD & FFN).  He is also the Co-Editor of the APFFA Hip Fracture Registry Toolkit.

Dato’ Dr. Lee is the Founding, Immediate Past President and current Vice President of the Osteoporosis Awareness Society of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (OASKLS) – Patient Society, and also the Past President and current Council Member of Malaysian Osteoporosis Society (MOS) – Doctor Society in Malaysia. In addition, he is the Founding Member of AFOS.

Dato’ Dr Lee is a member of the steering committee for the Asia Pacific Bone Academy and South East Asia Bone Academy.

Dr Lee Yoong Wah

Dr Lee Yoong Wah is a Geriatrician with the Ministry of Health. She completed her MBBS in Kasturba Medical College, India in 2008, MRCP in 2015 and her clinical fellowship in Geriatric Medicine in 2021. She is currently working in Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, Seremban.

Prof Dr Leon Flicker

Prof Dr Leon Flicker is the inaugural Professor of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Western Australia since 1998. He is Executive Director of the Western Australia Centre for Health and Ageing. He led the reorganization of undergraduate and postgraduate education in geriatric medicine in Western Australia. He remains a practicing geriatrician and is a consultant geriatrician at Royal Perth Hospital.

Prof Dr Leon's research activities have focused on the major health issues of older people, including falls, depression and cognitive impairment. He has performed and reported many studies about frailty and successful ageing. To date, Prof Dr Leon has published 15 book chapters and 450 peer-reviewed articles. He has served on numerous government committees and professional organizations. He has been Chair of Asia Pacific Geriatric Medicine Network for the last 14 years. He was honored to receive an Officer of the Order of Australia for his contributions to geriatric medicine and dementia prevention and care.

Dr Lim Chiao Wen

Dr Lim Chiao Wen currently works as a consultant cardiologist in Pantai Hospital Cheras.

She graduated from the University of Glasgow with commendation in 2007, and had further foundation training in Scotland between 2007 till 2009. She, then, served under the Ministry of Health, Malaysia for 3 years before pursuing a career in academia in 2012 with UiTM. She began her cardiology fellowship from 2013 till 2018. Her final two years were spent abroad, in London, where she had pursued further subspecialty training in cardiac electrophysiology under the tutelage of Dr P Boon Lim from Imperial College London.

Dr Lim has a great interest in electrophysiology, atrial fibrillation and syncope. Throughout her cardiology fellowship, she has worked on numerous projects with a primary focus on arrhythmias and early detection of arrhythmogenesis using artificial intelligence. She was previously runner-up, and second runner-up for the Young Investigator Awards under the National Heart Association of Malaysia Annual Scientific Meeting, in 2015 and 2016 respectively. She has also published in Heart BMJ on the prevalence of atrial fibrillation in Malaysian communities which involved approximately 10 000 participants, a first for Malaysia. Dr Lim continues to remain active in research and the supervision of postgraduate students. She is currently involved in collaborative work with the department of biomedical engineering  of Universiti of Teknologi (UTM) in developing arrhythmia monitoring device.

Prof Dr Lim Pei Shan

Prof Dr Lim Pei Shan graduated in 1998 from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. She worked as medical officer in Sarawak for 3 years before joining the Master of O&G (MOG). She obtained MOG (UKM) in 2006 and subsequently passed the MRCOG examination in 2008. She was a lecturer in UKM Medical Center and being promoted to Professor in 2017. She completed her Urogynaecology training at Hospital Ipoh (2011) and at NUH, Singapore (2012). She is the coordinator for the Doctor of O&G, UKM (formally known as MOG) since 2007 till 2017.  She is currently the Head of ASSC since 2018. She is also newly appointed Editorial Board Member for BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth.

Dr Lim Wan Chieh

Dr Lim Wan Chieh is an Internal Medicine Physician and Geriatric Fellow, currently working in Taiping General Hospital. He started his Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine in the year 2018, during which he has been attached to the Internal Medicine and Geriatric units of Ipoh General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, and University of Malaya Medical Centre.

Ms Maryam Asiah Bt Radzuan

Ms Maryam Asiah Bt Radzuan is a registered pharmacist currently working in Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (HoSHAS), Temerloh, Pahang. She has been involved in Geriatric Services since 2014 until now. Poviding healthcare to older adults is often extremely challenging particularly during this pandemic. Some disease states affect elderly patients differently than younger individuals. Liver function changes with age, resulting in altered drug metabolism. Physiological changes such as thinning of the skin and increased body fat can greatly alter drug metabolism and affect how medications behave outside and inside the body. Hence, it is crucial for a pharmacist to be able to deliver definite expertise in the management of a variety of different disease states where we can offer extensive clinical services from identification and prevention of drug therapy-related problems to designing patient-specific, evidence-based medication regimens while promoting medication adherence.

Dr Muhammad Hibatullah Romli

Dr Muhammad Hibatullah Romli has a background in occupational therapy. He has a PhD from the University of Sydney, MSc at the Brunel University London, Bachelor and Diploma at the Universiti Teknologi MARA. He is now an academic at the Universiti Putra Malaysia and an affiliate researcher for the Malaysian Research Institute on Ageing (MyAgeingTM). He actively researches functional performance and home environment aspects for older people, stroke population and people with special needs, pertaining to rehabilitation. He has secured several grants nationally and internationally. His interest is in evaluation instruments and occupation-based practice, and using affordable technology for rehabilitation purposes, such as using the XBox Kinect to facilitate physical activity. He also attended training on Lifestyle Redesign® and home modifications.

Dr Ng Chai Chen

Dr Ng Chai Chen is a Clinical Fellow Geriatrician with the Ministry of Health. She graduated with M.D. from University Science Malaysia in 2009. After passing her MRCP, she joined her fellowship in Geriatric Medicine in 2018. Dr Ng is a member of the Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine (MSGM) and participates as a presenter of research findings of the annual Malaysian National Geriatrics Conference (NGC). Dr Ng’s special interest includes stroke, nutrition, dementia, falls assessment and osteoporosis in the older persons. She has contributed to the “Caregiver’s Guide on Dementia”, which was published in 2019 by Geriatric Department  Hospital Kuala Lumpur. She is also the Second Prize Winner for the Best Oral Presentation at the Malaysian Stroke Virtual Conference 2020.

Dr Noraida Omar

BSc Dietetics (UKM), PhD in Nutritional Sciences (University of Surey, UK)

Dr Noraida Omar is a Senior Lecturer and dietitian. Her research is mainly on clinical dietetics in geriatrics and foodservice management. 

She is the member of the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association (MDA), Nutrition Society of Malaysia and Malaysian Society of Body Composition. She is also a research associate of Malaysian Research Institute on Ageing (MYAGIENG). Currently, she is actively involved as MDA subcommittee in developing the two new medical nutrition therapy for cardiovascular disease and hypertension. 

Dr Noraliza Noordin Merican

Dr Noraliza is a Public Health Physician and currently posted as Senior Principal Assistant Director, Head of Elderly Health Sector in Family Health Development Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia.

She serves in the medical and health field for 25 years. She is passionate in improving the family health in the community.  Currently, she involved in various technical committee regarding elderly health policy development and research.

The involvements are, as Member of:

National Older Person Policy Technical Committee;
Regulations Drafting Committee for Private Aged Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 2018;
Technical Working Committee Preparation Towards An Aged Nation By 2030;
Technical Working Committee for The Establishment Of A Special Act For Seniors In Malaysia;
Technical Committee for Diagnostic Study to Form an Integrated and Sustainable Long-Term Elder Care Model in Malaysia;
Elderly Health Technical Committee; and
Quality Life Care Committee Under The National Council For The Disabled.

Dr Nurul Huda Mohd Zambri

Dr Nurul Huda Mohd Zambri is from Kuala Terengganu. She graduated from University of Malaya in 2008, completed her Master Programme in Internal Medicine in 2016.

Currently, she is in final year clinical fellow in Geriatric Medicine, working in Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Prof Dr Ong Teng Aik

Prof Dr Ong Teng Aik is currently the President of the Malaysian Urological Association (MUA) and the Head of the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Prof Dr Ong is actively involved in a number of Asian multi-centre collaborative research activities, including the A-Cap Asia Pacifc Prostate Cancer Registry. Prof Dr Ong’s is also involved in a number of studies on lower urinary tract symptoms, especially nocturia related topics.

Together with the clinical oncologists, Prof Dr Ong set up the first Uro-Oncology Combined Clinic in the University of Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, in 2010. The clinic had since been the model of how urologists could work together with the oncologists to improve patient care.

Prof Dr Philip Poi

LRCP & S, MB, Ch, BAO, MRCP (Ireland)

Prof Dr Philip Poi Jun Hua trained at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and graduated in 1981. He was conferred with LRCP & S (Ireland) and MB, BCh, BAO from the National University of Ireland. Prof Dr Poi obtained the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland in 1986 and trained in Geriatric Medicine at Oxford, St Bartholomew's, London and Southampton before returning to Malaysia.

Having contributed to the development of a new geriatric unit in University Malaya Medical Centre, the first purpose-built ward for acutely ill elderly patients in Malaysia, Prof Dr Poi is in the Ministry of Health's Technical Committee for the national Healthcare for the Elderly programme, which is involved in policy making decisions concerning elderly care and in training their trainers to improve the quality of health care delivery to all elderly Malaysians.

Supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students in University Malaya, he is also actively involved in lectures, research and consultancy. Prof Dr Poi has contributed to chapters in several medical textbooks, clinical practice guidelines (in Dementia and osteoarthritis), and has had articles published in several medical journals and in the popular press. He has been an invited speaker in many Asia Pacific conferences, and has spoken in symposiums at the recent European Union Geriatric Medicine conferences in Europe.

A former Vice-President of the Gerontological Association of Malaysia, he is the former President of the Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine, and continues to be a long serving executive committee member and medical advisor of the Alzheimer's Disease Foundation of Malaysia. Over the past 10 years, as a founding member of the Asia Pacific Geriatric Network, he has helped to create an informal but important network amongst the leading geriatricians in the region. This has resulted in Asia Pacific Geriatric Conferences organised annually since 2006 in different countries, and has helped our trainee Geriatricians gain exposure to different care delivery systems in various countries.

Dr Premala Subramaniam

M.D. National University Of Malaysia

Dr Premala Subramaniam, a Geriatrician based in Hospital Queen Elizabeth. As a physician, her interests and passions in geriatrics bloomed as she got involved in caring for the older persons in geriatric ward, Selayang. Upon completion of her sub-speciality training, she started her service in 2018 at Hospital Queen Elizabeth and visits Tuaran Hospital, Kuala Penyu Hospital and Hospital Duchess of Kent. Dementia and falls clinics are the main bulk of geriatric service in Sabah.  As COVID-19 pandemic swept through Sabah, frailty became the main niche and multiple teaching done online to increase knowledge of medical officers and physicians in frailty and Clinical Frailty Scale in the management of COVID-19 infection and also as part of state vaccination programme.

Ms Puspa Maniam

Ms Puspa Maniam received her master’s degree in Acquired Communication Disorders from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Her training included a focus on cognitive linguistic disorders caused by dementia and other neurological conditions. She works as a senior speech and language therapist in Kuala Lumpur General Hospital treating a variety of communication disorders in adult and paediatric populations with special expertise in adult communication disorders, dysphagia and voice disorders. Recently, she was promoted as a specialist speech and language therapist and “Subject Matter Specialist” in geriatric swallowing and communication disorders by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. She also lectures on a part time basis at National University of Malaysia. She has conducted research on communication disorders and has presented at national and international conferences.

A. Prof Dr Rahimah Ibrahim

A. Prof Dr Rahimah Ibrahim is an educator and researcher in ageing and human services. She is the Deputy Director of Malaysian Research Institute on Ageing and previously the Head of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Faculty of Human Ecology, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). As an associate professor at the Faculty of Human Ecology, UPM, she conducts undergraduate course on adult development and ageing and postgraduate course on social gerontology. Dr. Rahimah’s research interest is in the area of support for the elderly and also the relations between formal and informal care provisions for older persons. Presently she is the project leader for the research entitled “Supporting the Aged Care Sector in Preventing and Mitigating the Negative Impact of COVID-19 on Older Persons in Malaysia” (2020/1026103-0) funded by the World Health Organization (WHO).

A.Prof Rangisman Soonthornchaiya

RN, Ph.D.

Prof Rangsiman is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Nursing, Thammasat University, she has taught psychiatric mental health nursing both the undergraduate and graduate level, and she is assigned as a committee of an international doctoral nursing program. Her research specialty is caring for older adults with depression and qualitative research. In addition, she is one of a member of the long-term care group that provides knowledge and training program about long-term care for older adults in Thailand. In 2019, she received the Fulbright scholarship visiting scholar to exchange her teaching and research experiences in nursing at Florida Atlantic University for four months. In professional work, Prof Rangsiman is actively and voluntary worked as a member of the Thai Psychiatric Nurse Association and serves as a committee of the editorial board of the Journal of Psychiatric Nursing and Mental Health in Thailand.

Dr Reena Nadarajah

Dr Reena Nadarajah is a Geriatric trainee, currently with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Dr Rizah Mazzuin Razali

Dr Rizah Mazzuin Razali graduated with a masters in Internal Medicine in 2009 from University of Malaya. She completed a fellowship in Geriatric Medicine at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre & Modbury Hospital, South Australia in 2014. Dr Rizah is currently head of the Geriatric Unit and Internal Medicine Physician at the department of medicine at Kuala Lumpur Hospital. She is also the Head of Geriatric Unit of Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital.

Dr Rizah has been a member of many national and hospital committees concerning internal and geriatric medicine. She was the honorary secretary and treasurer of the Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine and is now a life member of MSGM. She is member of the National Geriatric Training Committee and has contributed  to several guidelines and papers concerning Geriatric Medicine for the country.

Dr Rosmahani Mohd Ali

Dr Rosmahani Mohd Ali was born and raised in Melaka and KL. She graduated from University of Auckland, New Zealand with Bachelor in Human Biology (2002) and Bachelor.of Medicine & Surgery (2005). Dr Rosmahani completed Masters of Medicine in University of Malaya in 2015 (MMed) and completed medical gazzettment in Hospital Sg Buloh, Selangor in 2016. Currently she is working in Medical Department &  Geriatric Unit  Hospital Kuala Lumpur .

Mdm Rosmaliah Alias

Mdm Rosmaliah Alias graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2008. She pursued to obtain her Master in Clinical Pharmacy in University Technology Mara and graduated in 2017. Rosmaliah has been training in Hospital Kuala Lumpur where she was expose to basic medical pharmaceutical, cardio MTAC and endocrine pharmaceutical care.

Mdm Rosmaliah moved on to specialize in medical geriatric since 2011 when she is actively involved in Home Medication Review – at least once a week with geriatric unit home visit team and running the Geriatric Medication Adherence Clinic (GMTAC). She had her short geriatric pharmacy attachment in Adelaide, Australia sponsored by MOH and and obtained geriatric pharmacy credentialing by Pharmacy Programme, MOH in year 2019.

Mdm Rosmaliah was a Working Committee for Geriatric Pharmacy of Pharmacy Programme, MOH and involved with Dasar Baru Geriatrik 2015/2016. HKL is a geriatric training center where Rosmaliah is a appointed national preceptor for external and internal pharmacist attachment program  including undergraduate and postgraduate students for clinical teaching in Care Of Elderly. Rosmaliah has presented in numerous conferences such as the 14th Asean Conference of Clinical Pharmacy and National Geriatric Conference .  Rosmaliah is a member of Malaysia Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) – Hospital Pharmacy Chapter and chairperson for Geriatric Pharmacy Special Interest Group  in HKL. She was also a Member of Malaysia Society of Geriatric Medicine (MSGM).

Prof Dr Shahrul Bahyah Kamaruzzaman

Prof Dr Shahrul Bahyah Kamaruzzaman is a Consultant Geriatrician and Head of Medicine  at the University of Malaya Medical Center. She returned to Malaysia in 2002 after her geriatric training in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom and served as Senior Lecturer in the country’s first Geriatric unit. Prof Dr Shahrul played a key role in the training and refining of the geriatric multidisciplinary team as well as the acute geriatric care services at UMMC. Her clinical and research interest is in acute and rehabilitative care of the elderly, frailty and dementia. Both her training in geriatrics and PhD epidemiology has been useful in her research activities. She is a founder member of the Ageing and Age Associated Disorders Research Group in University Malaya as well as the Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine and is Deputy President of the Gerontology Association of Malaysia. She is currently Chair of the postgraduate National Curriculum writing team for Internal Medicine. All these various clinical and academic roles have helped cement her commitment to the development of clinical services, ageing research and medical education in Malaysia.

Prof Dr Shelley de la Vega


Prof Dr Shelley graduated with a BS Psychology, cum laude at the University of the Philippines Diliman.  She also obtained the Doctor of Medicine from University of the Philippines Manila College of Medicine.  She was trained in Internal Medicine at the State University of New York after which served as Chief Resident.  Prof Dr Shelley did 2-year Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine at the Division on Aging at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.  She received board certificate in Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine from the American Board of Internal Medicine.  She studied the Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology at the University of the Philippines Manila.

Prof Dr Shelley is a Professor at the UP College of Medicine.  She is also the Director at Institute on Aging NIH UP Manila; President of the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination; Past President of the Philippine College of Geriatric Medicine; Founding Director of The Center for Healthy Aging; Former Chief of the Section of Geriatrics at The Medical City Ortigas.

The other pertinent or significant achievements are:
Former Chairperson of the Committee on Aging and Degenerative Diseases (COMADD);
Former Director of the Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies National Institutes of Health;
Member of the National Advisory Council on Active Aging (NAST);
Founding Director of the Alzheimer's disease Association of the Philippines;
Pioneered the establishment of the first Geriatric Multidisciplinary Outpatient Clinic in the Philippine General Hospital.

A. Prof Dr Siti Anom Ahmad

A. Prof Dr Siti Anom Ahmad is the Director of Malaysian Research Institute of Ageing (MyAgeingTM). She is also an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia. Siti Anom received a PhD in Electrical and Electronics in 2009, and MSc in Microelectronics System Design in 2004 from the University of Southampton, UK. She received her BEng in Electronic/ Computer from UPM in 1999.  She is a Professional Engineer of Board of Engineers Malaysia, Chartered Engineer of Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK, Senior Member of Institute of Electrical& Electronic Engineering (IEEE) and member of the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM). Her research interests are biomedical engineering, gerontechnology and intelligent control system.

Prof Dr Siti Setiati


Prof Dr Siti Setiati an Internist-Geriatrician and a Teaching Professor in the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FKUI). Prof Dr Setiati received her medical degree and specialty in internal medicine from FKUI. She continued her education with a post-graduate program in geriatric medicine in the Department of Geriatric and Rehabilitation Medicine, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia. She acquired her Subspecialist Degree in Geriatric Medicine in FKUI. Furthermore, she obtained the degree of Master of Clinical Epidemiology and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Universitas Indonesia (UI). She was awarded a Degree of Professor of Medicine by Universitas Indonesia. She has been serving as a Chairwoman of the Board of Professors of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia since 2019 and as head of Clinical Epidemiology and Evidence Based Medicine (CEEBM) Unit in FKUI-RSCM since 2015. She also has been holding prominent positions in professional organizations, such as: Chairwoman in Indonesian College of Internal Medicine from 2012-2018, Chairwoman in Indonesian Geriatrics Society (PERGEMI) from 2013 until now. She is also a member of advisory Board Meeting of Asian Clinical Expert Group on Neurocognitive Disorders 2019, as well as Advisory Board Meeting of Over Active Bladder 2019.

Prof Dr Setiati has published numeral scientific research papers with her colleagues. A great number of her works were published in international Journal of Acta Medica Indonesiana, Medical Journal of Indonesia, Asian Journal of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Geriatrics and Gerontology International, BMC Geriatrics, BMC Public Health, Frontiers in Medicine, and Asia Pacific Journal Clinical Nutrition. She also a reviewer of some international medical journals, such as Lancet Global health, Plos-One, Frontiers Public health Journal and BMC Geriatrics.

Besides research papers, Setiati also contributed as a writer of various articles in medical books. Some of the books titles are: Proceeding of Annual Scientific Meeting in Internal Medicine (1996), Interesting Collection of Internal Medicine Cases (1998), Medical Procedure in Internal Medicine (1999), Health Management of Geriatric Patient (2000), Internal Medicine Textbook, Proceeding of National Scientific Meeting of Internal Medicine (2003), Proceeding of Geriatric Scientific Meeting (2003-2017), Nutritional Support in Internal Medicine (2006), Well Being of Old Age (2010), Chronic Degenerative Diseases in Elderly: Update in Diagnostic and Management (2011), Evidence Based Practice in Geriatric Medicine (2012),  Indonesian Text Book of Internal Medicine (2014) and others.

Dr Suraihan Sulaiman

Dr Suraihan Sulaiman graduated with MD from Universiti Malaysia Sabah in 2009 and obtained her Doctor of Family Medicine from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in 2019. Her master’s research paper entitled ‘Risk Perception and Knowledge Regarding Diabetes among Offspring of Type 2 Diabetics at a Tertiary Institution’ was published in 2020 in the Medical Journal of Malaysia. Currently, she is the residing Family Medicine Specialist (FMS) in Klinik Kesihatan Kundasang and also the visiting FMS for 8 other health clinics in the district of Ranau, Sabah. She was the Chief Editor in the development group for Post-Covid-19 Follow up Recommendations for Primary Care that was published in November 2020 and wrote the domain Geriatric together with Dr Premala a/p Subramaniam, Geriatrician from Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She recently contributed in the development of Sabah Covid-19 Pre-Vaccination Guidelines that was published by Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sabah in April 2021.

Prof Dr Suzana Shahar

Prof Dr Suzana Shahar is a Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Healthy Aging and Wellness Research Centre and Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and fellow of the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association.  She obtained her BSc (Hons) (Dietetics) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, MMed Sci (Human Nutrition) and PhD (Human Nutrition) from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.  Her research interest is on nutrition and epidemiology of aging, nutrition and neuroscience and cancer.  She has just completed a nationwide project on ‘Neuroprotective Model for Healthy Longevity among Malaysian Elderly’, funded by the Ministry of Education. She is currently leading a clinical trial (LRGS Ageless) to reverse cognitive frailty among Malaysian older adults funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, under the auspice of the World Wide Finger Trial. She is also leading a few other projects including ‘Development of strategies for salt reduction for food eating outside of home’ funded by the Newton Ungku Omar -MRC Fund and Resolve Project to develop salt reduction targets for processed foods.  She filed two patents related to aging, oxidative stress, cognition and nutrition, ie. TP 3 in 1, polyphenol rich formulation and ulam raja dried powder formulation.  She involved in several national and international task forces including the Malaysian Dietary Guidelines, Healthy Choice Logo, Salt Reduction Strategies; the World Health Organization Group Development Guideline for Dementia Risk Reduction, International Research on Dementia Prevention and Consortium on Longitudinal Studies on Memory.

A. Prof Dr Tan Kit Mun

Associate Professor Dr Tan Kit Mun is a consultant geriatrician in the University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC). She received her medical degree from Trinity College, (MB. BCh. II Hons) University of Dublin, Ireland in 1999. Dr. Tan is a member of the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh, (MRCP) UK since 2002. She completed her specialist training and received her Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training (CSCST) in Geriatric Medicine from the Irish Committee of Higher Medical Training, Royal College of Physicians Ireland in 2009. She was practising as a consultant geriatrician in Dublin, Ireland until 2012.

A. Prof Dr Tan's special interest include stroke, atrial fibrillation, dementia, osteoporosis, hypertension in the older person and comprehensive geriatric assessment of the complex older person.

Dr Tan is also an Assoiciate Professor with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. She is a trainer for the Malaysian Geriatric Medicine Specialist Training Scheme, Masters of Internal Medicine Programme in University of Malaya as well as the University of Malaya Medical Programme (UMMP). She is a member of the Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine (MSGM) and participates as a speaker and presenter of research findings at the annual Malaysian National Geriatrics Conference (NGC).

Prof Dr Tan Maw Pin

Prof Dr Tan Maw Pin is currently a Professor in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Malaya. She received her undergraduate medical training at the University of Nottingham. After passing her MRCP, she obtained a National Training Number in Geriatric Medicine at Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. During her geriatric subspecialty training, she undertook two years of full time research into falls in older people. She is now a highly research active academic and is the Principal Investigator of the Promoting Independence in our Seniors with Arthritis (PISA) Grand Challenge and the Malaysian Falls Assessment and Intervention Trial (MyFAIT). She was a co-investigator of the Malaysian Elders Longitudinal Research (MELoR) study and is now the Principal Investigator of the AGELESS study, which is a nationwide longitudinal study of ageing funded by the Ministry of Education. Her administrative roles include Research Coordinator at the Department of Medicine and Leader of the Ageing and Regenerative Medicine Research Thrust at the Faculty of Medicine. She is currently an academic editor for Plos One, and an associate editor for Frontiers in Medicine. She continues to practice geriatrics at the University of Malaya Medical Centre, and had set up the Falls and Syncope Service at the University of Malaya, as well as chairs the hospital inpatient falls committee.

Mdm Tang Wee Hen


Mdm Tang is an accountant by qualification, Certified Financial Planner  (CFP), and an ICF credentialed Coach since 2009, Mdm Tang brings  more than 20 years of diverse corporate experience in regional and local leadership roles in IT, Banking & Financial Services. Currently,  a Director of Harvest Global Resources that focuses on leadership development while specializing in Sales Leadership Sales Performance Coaching. Over last 15 years, she empowered leaders and professionals in the financial services industries through coaching, consulting and training.  She served in Financial Planning Association of Malaysia Board of Governance for 10 years. Her recent project was FPAM- Financial Literacy Year 2020 supported by Financial Education Network.

Mdm Tang has a Bachelor of Accounting from University of Malaya is a Charted Accountant with Malaysia Institute of Accountants and she is also a Certified Financial Planner. In her coaching journey she is Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and ICF Certified Sales Coach,  Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Certified Coach.  Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Enhanced Skills Practitioner. She is also a Toastmaster member at Crystal Toastmaster Club.

She was the Vice President Asia for a world class financial planning and Wealth Management tool from Canada; Vice President Financial Care Centre CIMB Wealth Advisor in training and developing financial planners ( 2004-2009) and Various local & regional positions with NCR Malaysia and NCR Corporate at Dayton, Ohio, USA. (1993-2002).

Dr Teh Hoon Lang

Malaysia Fellowship of Geriatric Medicine 2016

Dr Teh Hoon Lang is currently a Physician & Geriatrician at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah.  She is also a Visiting Geriatrician at Bagan Specialist Centre.  Dr Teh's special interest is in cognitive impairment, falls and geriatric rehabilitation.

Prof Dr Teh Pei-Lee

Prof Teh Pei-Lee is the Head of Department of Management at the School of Business and the Founding Director of Gerontechnology Laboratory at Monash University Malaysia. She is passionate to drive research on how technology transforms business processes and organisations, and on a huge spectrum of impacts on people’s lives and society at large. Her research interest cut across management information systems, gerontechnology, innovation and learning. She established the Gerontechnology Laboratory in Monash University Malaysia in 2016, the first of its kind in Malaysia. She has hosted the first and only Gerontechnology Symposium (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) and Gerontechnology Challenge (2018) in Asia, brought together academia, industry, government and NGOs to speak about the amalgamation of geriatrics and technology. She is also an Associate Editor for three journals namely, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, Gerontechnology Journal, and International Journal of Electronic Business.

Prof Dato’ Dr Tengku Aizan Hamid

Prof Dato’ Dr Tengku Aizan Hamid is a professor in Gerontology and Social Policy. She is the first Director of the Institute of Gerontology, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) from 2002-2020 which was rebranded to become the Malaysian Research Institute on Ageing in 2015. She is now working as a research fellow at the Institute.

As an early pioneer of gerontology, Prof Dr Tengku Aizan has been instrumental in the development of gerontological research and education in Malaysia. She has published extensively and completed many international and locally funded research studies and consultancy projects on ageing. Her scopus H-index is 19.

She currently heads several research projects, a research consortium on Mobility and Transportation in an Ageing Society (CoMTAS), 2021-2022 and sub-project for long term research grant entitled Psychosocial and Societal Burden of Cognitive Frailty among Older Persons in the Community, 2019-2025 funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia and two consultancy projects funded by UNDP on Age-friendly Taiping project, 2019-2021 and a four month a consultancy on Active Ageing and Poverty among Older People in ASEAN, funded by ASEAN Secretariat.

She is a member of both the National Advisory and Consultative Council for Older Persons and the Technical Committee on the Health of Older Persons. She also served as member in several sub-committees of the National Policy for Older Persons. She was the designated consultant to develop the Kuala Lumpur Declaration on Ageing which was adopted by the Head of States of ASEAN last November 2016. She was a member on the task force on ageing under the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

At the international level, Prof Dr Tengku Aizan is a member and an active advocator of regional cooperation and development in gerontology and geriatrics. She initiated a Research Network on Ageing among ASEAN-member state researchers. She leads the Malaysian team on National Transfer Account and Malaysia is a member of the International NTA family of 80 over countries. In 2008, Prof Dato’ Dr Tengku Aizan was appointed by UNFPA to conduct a study mission for the establishment of a Regional Training and Ageing Research Center in the Health Science University, Mongolia. She is the current president of the President of the Gerontological Association of Malaysia (2018-2021).

Dr Terence Ong

Dr Terence Ong is a consultant geriatrician and lecturer at the University Malaya Medical Centre. After completing his specialist training in Nottingham, UK, he pursued a clinical academic career at the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. There he balanced clinical duties providing geriatric medicine liaison input into Trauma & Orthopaedics and being research active in the field of musculoskeletal health in older people. The lure to come back home led to his return in January last year. He has continued to remain active in the area of geriatric medicine research. He currently serves as Associate Editor for the journal, Age and Ageing, and is on the editorial board for Osteoporosis Review. He is also on the committee of the Malaysian Osteoporosis Society, Asia Pacific Regional Panel for the International Society for Clinical Densitometry, Fragility Fracture Network Vertebral Fragility Fracture Special Interest Group and the Asian Working Group for Cachexia.

Dr Ungku Ahmad Ameen

Dr Ungku Ahmad Ameen is the President of Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine for term 2020-2022.  He completed  fellowship in Geriatrics Medicine in 2014, and did his Master degree in Internal Medicine in 2009.  He is the Head of Geriatrics Unit  in Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Klang. (HTAR).  Concurrently, he is a Visiting Geriatrician to Hospital Banting and Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras.

Dr Ameen also holds positions in local Hospital, State and National Level.  He is the Head of Thrombolysis Service Unit, Medical Department, HTAR; Lean Facilitator for  LEAN Program  HTAR Klang; Committee member of National Geriatric Program & Policy Development; Committee member of National Pain Free Program and auditor for KKM Hospital Pain free program; Committee member  of  national stroke council; Committee member of  Drafting the Private Aged Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 2018 ("PAHFAS").  He is the Adjunct Lecturer for Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatrics Medicine Sunway University, and Lecturer & Advisor , Advanced Diploma in Gerontological Care, Kolej Kejururawatan, Melaka.

Dr Ameen's interest in  community geriatrics , elderly stroke  and cognitive disorder.

Dr Yau Weng Keong


Dr Yau is a gazetted Geriatrician with Ministry of Health (MOH) since 2000 and over the years, geriatrics services continued to developed and progressed from mere 4 geriatricians in number when he started in 1997 to about just over 40 geriatricians the whole country this year. Of these 40 plus geriatricians, 21 is with MOH and they cover 14 hospitals and 16 outreach cluster hospitals.

Dr Yau is actively involved in both teaching of undergraduates and supervision in addition to training of postgraduate candidates of MRCP, Master and Geriatrics Fellows. To date he was involved in 54 geriatrics fellows since 2007 and had been instrumental in helping UPM, IMU and RCSI Perdana University start and run their “Health Care for the Elderly” undergraduate programmes.

Dr Yau sits in various elderly care committees including Chair of NSR for Geriatric Medicine, Private Aged Healthcare Facilities and Regulation committee and is a principle Investigators for dementia related clinical studies. He was involved in the writing of Malaysian CPG on Dementia (1st and 2nd edition), Hypertension CPG and reviewers of many other documents. He had also written many chapters on various elderly care topics in 2 handbooks. Currently he is a senior consultant physician @geriatrician as well as both Head of Department of Medicine Hospital KL and Head of Geriatric Services for MOH.